Webinar Masahiro Ouchi gegeven in het Engels:

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Dream Practice & Sleep Practice

Masahiro Will teach two simultaneous courses. One  in Japanese, and one  in English.  The dates for the English series are:

Free Introduction: October 11
Course: October 17 - December 5

We sleep about one-third of our life. If you live to 60 years, you will have slept about 20 years all together. It is kind of crazy that we often don’t value this time… and that we don’t really investigate what it means to sleep well.  The quality of our sleep matters to our well-being and life itself.

We experience dreams every day. Those dreams can give us insights and suggestions, yet our modern culture does not value their importance. Our dreams are often influenced by and shared with other people in other times and spaces. Let’s return the magical power to our dreams and learn more about our own wider Consciousness.

There are a few different kinds of dreams, some bring physical healing, some relate to human relationship stress. Others offer inspirations or social messages, and some bring spiritual messages.

We will learn how to dream more clearly, how to influence our dreams, and how our dreams influence our daily life. We will learn about dream introduction methods and the Dream Gesture. We will keep a Dream Diary for 8 weeks together to deepen our relationship with our dreams.

Do You Know You Are in A Long Dream. When Are You Going to Wake Up ?”

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Register for more than one course to receive significant reductions in your tuition:

One 8-Week Course is: $200. (€. 175)

Your 2nd Course is: $100 (€. 86)

Your 3rd is: $50
(€. 43)


Qigong series van 6 november tot en met 28 november 2021

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